Relax More


Relaxing means more than simply not working at the moment.


True relaxation gives your body and mind the chance to recover deeply.


And guess what?


You deserve it!

But let’s face it, many of us (including those of us here at BTNHemp) wrestle with racing minds and antsy bodies the second we even try to relax.

We all need a little help getting to that place where we can really unwind sometimes.


Let BTNHemp help you get there!

Our classic Relax Bear gummies with delicious fruit flavors and CBD to help you decompress. (comes in Extra Strength too!)

These capsules combine CBD with GABA and 5-HTP to help you unwind without being intoxicated.

Our strongest - and best selling - full-spectrum CBD oil. With a naturally sweet flavor and 50mg of CBD per ml, this oil is a great way to relax.