Sweet Tooth CBD Bundle

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7565 - Sweet Tooth CBD Bundle

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You are what you eat, so why not try something sweet!

With products like our Fruit Bites, Relax Bears, and Froggies, this delicious bundle is your golden ticket to a world of fruity and tropical flavors and chilled out CBD.

Our Sweet Tooth Bundle is the perfect way to add CBD to your wellness routine!

The best part?

You can take them anywhere you go!

What’s in the Sweet Tooth Bundle?

1 - 25MG On The Go CBD Froggies Sourz

With a savory kick, On The Go Froggies SOURZ are the perfect way to add CBD to your daily routine.

2 - 50MG On The Go CBD Relax Bears

These mouthwatering sweet/sour CBD gummy bears let you get your helping of CBD between shifts at work, just before an airplane ride, or anytime and anywhere you need some extra support.

1 - 50MG On The Go CBD Fruit Bites

Flavored in Green Apple, Grape, Lemon, Black Cherry, Strawberry and Orange, these snacks are the ideal way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

1 - 50MG On The Go CBD Froggies

Our 50MG CBD Froggies bring edibles to a new level.

1 - Strawberry AK CBD Daily Dose

Designed for on-the-go use, Strawberry AK Daily Dose is the perfect way to get a daily serving of CBD.

1 - 100MG CBD Froggies

Packed with supportive ingredients for your body, these gummies will enhance your wellness routine.


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7565 - Sweet Tooth CBD Bundle