Coffee, Tea & Me CBD Bundle

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7545 - Coffee, Tea & Me CBD Bundle

Draw energy and calm from the power of nature with our Coffee Tea & Me bundle.

Our award-winning coffee is grown in a protected paradise in Colombia before we infuse it with CBD using a proprietary method.

Start your day with an alert, yet calm & focused mind with every delicious sip of this coffee.

To unwind in the evening, brew a mug of our CBD herbal infusion.

This blend of cannabinoid extracts, chamomile, peppermint and vanilla was specially crafted by a licensed compound pharmacist.

Here's what's inside:

2 - CBD Coffee - 2.00 oz. Bag:

This blend of premium Colombian coffee, infused with CBD, delivers a jitter-free focus.

1 - CBD Chamomile Tea - 7MG Bag:

Enjoy unwinding with this relaxing caffeine-free way to wrap up the day and get some sleep.

1 - Coffee Cup-Shaped Stress Ball:

Keep it right on your desk and give it a good squeeze when deadlines start to feel overwhelming or your boss and coworkers find your last nerve.


Please consult your physician before taking any new dietary supplements.

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7545 - Coffee, Tea & Me CBD Bundle