180-MG Natural Hemp Dark Chocolate Bar (Box of 10)

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3091 - 180-MG Natural Hemp Dark Chocolate Bar (Box of 10)

“Melt Your Stress Away” with our Natural Hemp CBD chocolate!

We infuse rich, dark chocolate bars from a local artisanal chocolatier with Natural Hemp cannabinoid extracts from hemp grown on American farms.

These bars make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift.

This Natural Hemp CBD chocolate is also the ideal introduction for someone who is new to Natural Hemp CBD.

Recommend these chocolate bars as the perfect treat to pair with our Natural Hemp CBD coffee.

62% Cacao, 12 pieces/15-MG Natural Hemp CBD per piece, hand-crafted in small batches.

Whenever you pop a piece of dark chocolate in your mouth and let it melt away, you instantly feel better.

We’ve combined our’ award-winning Natural Hemp CBD with bean-to-bar fairly traded chocolate from an artisanal chocolatier.

Each pillow-top bar is infused with 180-MG of Natural Hemp CBD for an average of 15-MG Natural Hemp CBD per piece.

The joy of chocolate meets the peace Natural Hemp CBD brings to create a truly enchanting treat.

Ingredients: Cacao Bean, Sugar Cacao Butter, Natural Hemp Cannabinoid Extract.

Safety Guideline: Please consult your physician before taking any new dietary supplements.

You must be 18+ years old to purchase any of our Natural Hemp CBD products.

3091 - 180-MG Natural Hemp Dark Chocolate Bar (Box of 10)

Nutritional Facts:

Additional Info:

Dose/Serving: 15-MG per Square

Total Natural Hemp CBD: 180-MG

Size/Volume: 1.45 oz.