How to Earn Store Credits:

Be as active as you want and earn as many store credits as you want.

With each of your purchases you can apply store credits up to 15% of the total purchase value (exclusive of shipping and sales taxes).

Here are the ways you can earn store credits:

Register - Register and get a $2 store credit. - Register as a customer & receive a $2 registration credit (no purchase required).

Subscribe - Subscribe to our newsletter and get a $5 store credit. - Subscribe to our newsletter & receive a $2 subscriber credit.

Birth Date - Stay with us until your next birthday and get a $10 store credit. - Add your birth date & Receive a $10 Birthday credit.

Monthly - Every month you will get a $5 store credit. - As a thank you - we give you a $5 monthly credit. These monthly store credits will expire at the end of 30 days. This means that you must use them or loose them!

Review - Write a product review and get a $2 store credit for each review. - Every time you review one of our products we give you a $2 review credit. Remember, reviews will be posted on the website, so please be respectful of others and watch your language.

Referral Program - Invite friends and get $3 in store credits for friend who registers and shops with us.