Brand Ambassador Marketing Basic Terms

The following terms will be basic terms you may run into while using our Brand Ambassador Program. Understanding these terms will help you understand how our program is structured.

  1. Brand Ambassador Program: The merchant needs to have set up a Brand Ambassador Program. In the program they set commission rules and special product commission rules (if applicable).
  2. Ambassador Registration Form: In order to join the Ambassador Program the interested person needs to fill out the Ambassador Registration Form.
  3. Referral Order: Orders made by customers referred by an Ambassador are counted as referral orders.
  4. Ambassador Link: Personal Ambassador links are automatically generated by the Ambassador Program system when an Ambassador account is activated. Ambassadors use these links to promote the merchants business, any orders made through these links are referral orders.
  5. Ambassador Coupons: Ambassador Coupons are used in the same way as the Ambassador link. Coupons are another option used by Ambassadors to promote a merchant's business.
  6. Ambassador Contact/Support Email: This is the email that is displayed on the Ambassador account in case they need to contact the merchant. This email can also be used internally to send notifications directly to an Ambassador.
  7. Network Commission: Commissions paid to an Ambassador when other associates in the network bring referral orders.
  8. Commission Level: Network Commission Rule; an Ambassador level number will be based on the relationship with the Ambassador who directly brings a referral order.

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